Dynamics Digital Signage    
  However, even in the building materials retail store or in media is one of them. Both the previous rate of growth is always positive, but there is not a problem of the entrepreneurs in the business. Observed from each company to launch the media inside the buildings at different locations. Because the media has good growth prospects. Because consumers continue to focus on travel to the mall.
And various convenience stores.
    Why Digital Signage?  
  1. To change the advertising model was the calm. Their movements are more lively.
2. To change the items in the same format. To a wide range of knowledge and entertainment. That are beneficial to consumers.
3. To change the traditional product information. To take the time to print. Be able to quickly respond immediately, just click
4. To change the perception in 70% of the sport that now has what.
5. The change in media production costs less. But cost more.
6. To change the traditional communication as Two Way Communication. Which will create value and benefits to those who like sports. With the others.
Benefit for Digital Signage    
  1. Send a news spot about sports.
  2. Persuading people to play more sports.
  3. Access to sports news and more.
  4. Training and learning simultaneously.
  5. News announcements.
  6. Sense of the outside world