We want to be your long term partner, not sell and run.  We start with an intensive analysis of your needs, followed by product design, customisation and implementation, then training, and finally ongoing support.  And we understand that as your business evolves, the demands on your financial & business management systems change also.  Our software solutions are inherently designed to adapt to change and growth, and we are organizationally committed to working closely with users to continually evolve their financial information management capabilities.
We is a solution specialist with more than 10 (ten) years experience in technology industry. MSI’s experiences including implementing many Point of Sales, Electronic Cash Register,  ERP, accounting, computer network and telephony systems for various industries including retail, department store, supermarket, Plaza ,CO-OP, hospitality, restaurant, telecommunications, etc.


As a solution specialist, MSI is responsible for

  • Understanding customers requirement and business processes
  • Analyzing and documenting user requirements and business processes
  • Mapping customers’ requirement with Retail solutions
  • Producing an appropriate system proposal/ design
  • Configuring the software package in line with the system design
  • Preparing system test plan and test data
  • Testing the configured software according to the test plan
  •  Preparing user documentation and training materials
  • Training users in the effective use of the system  Advising and assisting users during user-acceptance testing

project Experience

 Project Leader responsible for implementing Microsoft Retail Management System for one of the largest computer part distributor.Project coordinator responsible for coordinating with Project Manager and Regional consultants implementing ERP system for manufacturing & import/export companies.Project Implementer for retail management system for large supermarkets and department stores in Thailand.Project Implementer responsible for implementing accounting system for local companies in various businesses including fabric manufacturing, electrical manufacturing & distributor, etc.